When Should You Replace Electrical Outlets?

Posted On: February 28, 2017

Without electrical outlets, you probably would not be able to live in your home at all. So many appliances are reliant on outlets to provide them with a steady flow of power, including the ones you use every day like coffee makers refrigerators, vacuums, televisions, and so much more. However, nothing can last forever, and outlets can soon become one of the most hazardous features in your home. Plugging an appliance into an old, faulty outlet may kick off the perfect storm for an electrical fire, especially if the outlet is already hot to the touch and sporting some scorch marks. Worse, if you naturally curious small children or pets in your home, they will be exposed to outlets with plastic covering that’s deteriorating by the second, leaving them at risk of experiencing electrical shock. Allowing any old, faulty outlets go unchanged may turn out to be your worst mistake, and may even see your property resale value take a tumble. What can make matters even more complicated is that you may not even know when to replace them, meaning outlets can become even more dangerous without you even realizing it.

How Can Reliable Electrical Services Help You?

Fortunately, Reliable Electrical Services is here to save the way and provide you with outlets you can trust. While many homeowners will simply allow their outlets to fall apart, we want you to instead be more proactive in staying up to date with your home’s electrical fixtures. New, durable outlets can last you longer than ever before. Our local electricians will work quickly in providing you with improved electricity that will ensure you relax so much easier, especially with outlets that won’t be putting the safety of anyone in your household at risk. In fact, you won’t have to worry about outlets damaging your appliances so you don’t have to spend money on replacing them. We will also provide you with greater insight into your electrical system so you will have a better idea on when you should be replacing your outlets before it’s much too late.

5 Signs You Should Replace Electrical Outlets

If you want to know when you should replacing your outlets, please take note of these 5 signs around the house:

  1. You Still Have Two-Prong Outlets: The National Electrical Code or NEC, made grounded three-prong outlets a requirement in 1965. NEC, though not the federal law, is a part of the National Fire Codes series under the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA.If you still have two-prong outlets, you should still work to replace them because they are outdated. If there is a short in the wire, or excessive current due to a faulty appliance or for any reason, it raises your chances of an electrical fire significantly.
  2. Extensive Physical Damage: If you are noticing any significant wear and tear on your outlets, it may be time to replace them. If inserted cords do not fit snugly in the receptacle or if the cords slip out easily or are hanging out of the outlet, there is a chance that the proper voltage current may not have the proper channel to flow, mainly due to ill-fitted prongs.
  3. Your Outlets are not Tamper-Resistant: For the sake of everyone’s safety, you need to upgrade to tamper resistant outlets if you have yet to do so. Since 2008 NEC has required tamper resistant outlets on newly constructed residential dwellings. Since they are manufactured with a shutter that will only allow a two-prong plug into the outlet, this prevents small children from trying to shove any objects into the outlets and getting electrocuted.
  4. You Still Have Builder’s Grade Outlets: Builder’s grade or home owner’s grade outlets are the least expensive outlets that can be purchased. But cost-efficiency does not always equal high-quality. Builder’s grade outlets have poor efficiency and can only last you a few years. They may even make you spend more on electrical repair. It’s better to upgrade outlets to pricier, yet more effective ones.
  5. You Have Ungrounded Receptacles: Receptacles that are two pronged and have no way to channel electrical current to a ground or earth source need to be replaced immediately. Replacing two pronged outlets with three pronged outlets will remedy the problem and provide safe outlets for your home. You should also ask your local electrician to determine what would be the best solution in fixing ungrounded receptacles. You should also have a home safety inspection to ensure there are no further problems.

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