Diesel Powered Industrial Generator Installation in Boca Raton

Posted On: December 12, 2014

In the past two blogs, the Reliable Power Systems experts told you about natural gas and bi-fuel generators and why industrial generator installation with either of those two fuel sources is a solid option for business owners in Boca Raton. Today, we’d like to explain the case for a diesel fuel engine and why many business owners continue to choose diesel for their generator installations to this day.

What is a Diesel Powered Industrial Generator?

The diesel engine was invented as an improvement upon the gasoline engine by Rudolph Diesel. It operates with a different type of ignition. While gasoline engines use spark ignition, diesel engines use compression: this means that air is draw into the machine and heated by applied pressure. Eventually, the heated air creates combustion — but not before it reaches a far higher temperature than a gasoline powered generator is capable of. The absence of a spark plug means far lower costing and less frequent maintenance.

It’s true that diesel power can emit exhaust at a higher rate than other models. However, it is also true that diesel energy is frequently:

  1. Quieter — These machines were designed to heat through compression so that the burning wouldn’t be so fluky and loud. They may not be as quiet as natural gas powered machines, but they certainly supersede gasoline — especially when Generac is the manufacturer and Reliable Power Systems is the installer.
  2. More Affordable to Install — You’ll enjoy a lower initial cost of investment if you choose to get a diesel powered industrial generator installed for your business by the Reliable Power Systems team.
  3. Less Liable to Break — Diesel engines are built to be rugged. As we mentioned, the absence of a spark plug makes them easier to maintain. They generally can last for more than twice as long as gas powered engines of the same size.

Most diesel powered industrial generators are three-phase, which is something that we’ll discuss more in detail next week. Until then, thanks for reading our blog! Remember to call the experts at Reliable Power Systems for a consultation on an industrial generator installation that gives you dependable and satisfactory back-up power all year long.