Common Signs You Need Generator Repair in Palm Beach

Posted On: January 9, 2016

If your backup’s busted, call one of Palm Beach’s most trusted resources for generator repair, Reliable Power Systems.

The whole purpose of a standby generator is to be at the ready when the power goes out. However, generators are machines, just like your car or refrigerator and they too can succumb to damage caused by regular use.

While most of us aren’t thinking about our generators as we’re driving around Palm Beach or headed to work, it’s important to periodically check for signs your generator it is in need of repair.

Know the Signs

Warnings: Newer model generators will run weekly tests and flash a warning if a problem is detected. Some companies are even introducing “smart” generators that will send a message to your smart phone with regular updates. If you’re interested in something a little more analog and less tech, test your generator manually once every few weeks from the control panel.

Dents and Scrapes: Even though most generators are encased in steel, they are not immune to the effects of high wind speeds and falling tree branches. Take a few minutes to give your generator a visual inspection, especially after a Palm Beach hurricane season. If you notice any dents in the unit itself or the encasing call Reliable Generator. Depending on severity of the dent your generator might need significant repairs.

Keep an eye out for scratches from animals look to get closer to the heat and exposed electrical wires.

Leaking Fuel: Generators operate by using oil or natural gas. Not only can leaks cost you money, they are also potentially dangerous. If you suspect your gas or oil lines have been compromised or disconnected, call for a repair right away.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

It’s easy to forget about your generator until a major storm hits Palm Beach. In fact, you might even continue forgetting about it when the power doesn’t go out because of your standalone generator.

However, without proper maintenance it will be nothing more than a large and unimaginative lawn ornament. Like all appliances, proper maintenance will keep it running well into its expected life span.

You can avoid costly repairs by scheduling a yearly, or twice yearly maintenance visit. When we come out, we’ll inspect the exhaust system for broken welds and gaskets, replace dirty filters and oil, and test the control system.

You’ll rest easy knowing not matter what Palm Beach gets hit with, whether it’s gale force winds, downed power lines or errant construction, you’ll be keeping cool in your fully electrified home thanks to your standalone generator.