Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Update Your Circuit Breaker

burned circuit boardIt’s s smart investment to have a circuit breaker replacement. The reason is because so many of your electrical appliances rely on it. Without its protection and management of your electrical system, a lot of things can go wrong that will harm your home. If you care about their safety of your family and how your electricity will be handled, then it is important to take care of your circuit breaker. Circuit breakers are a valuable line of home safety, yet they’re usually forgotten because they’re buried in your basement or utility closet. If you continue to ignore these warning signs, then your home will be affected and you’ll continue to deal with extremely annoying aspects, such as flickering lights and poor performance of appliances. No one wants the fear of a potential fire, so pay attention to these signs and make sure to take care of your circuit breaker.

What Does Reliable Electrical Services Know About a Circuit Breaker?

Reliable Electrical Services understands the important of circuit breaker maintenance and maintaining the health of your home, especially when it comes to electricity. No home should deal with risks, especially when it comes down to a potential fire due to poor maintenance. We care about your home and your family’s safety, and when it comes to Reliable, we bring nothing but high-quality performance. We pride ourselves on customer service and try to deliver the best services for all our customers. The amount of experience we have here at Reliable will benefit you in the long run, so choosing us will always be a wise investment. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the professionals from Reliable Electrical Services are here to help. So, understand these signs when it comes to your circuit breaker.

Physical Damage

The first sign you might notice immediately is if you notice damage marks to outlets or around the circuit breaker. Appliances might also be failing due to melted wires, which also means it’s a good bet that your electrical panel is affected. When you notice physical damage, you need to call for immediate service. A melted wire is just one more step away from burning your house down. So, don’t wait, because it could be too late. Unplug all your appliances and make that emergency call for an electrician.

Frequent Tripping

When a circuit breaker is drawing too much power to protect your home, then it is designed to trip. If it’s tripping every time you turn on an appliance like your brand-new microwave or vacuum cleaner, then the breaker might be worn out. It also means your circuit breaker is ready to fail. An electrician will be able to determine if this is the case, whether it is a bad breaker or if it’s time for a new circuit to add to your home.

Poor Performance from Appliances

Tired of dealing with your oven that bakes unevenly? How about the dryer you bought that always shuts off mid-cycle? You’re probably convinced that you get scammed off poor appliances, but it’s not your appliances that should be blamed. It’s probably due to your failing circuit breaker since it supplies a lot of the electricity that helps other appliances. Make sure to check your circuit breaker before tossing out all your appliances.

Burning Smell in the Panel

If you smell a burning scent coming from the panel, it probably means its wires and insulation have been overheated. This means your panel is failing to protect your home from an electrical short elsewhere. Shut off the main power immediately if this is the case and call an electrician for immediate service.

Old Age

Can you remember the last time your circuit breaker has been replaced or serviced? If not, then it may be time to do so. Circuit breakers are designed to last, however, if it hasn’t been serviced in the last ten years, then it might be ready to fail. Have an electrician inspect your circuit breaker since it is such a wise investment.

Breaker Will Not Reset

Does it feel like for some reason, after several months of resetting a breaker, it just won’t stay on? It might be because your circuit breaker has failed. Ask an electrician to check the entire circuit to ensure no further damage was done to the wiring.

The Benefits

It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to have your circuit breaker replaced. So why wait? Don’t stall on some peace of mind, knowing that your home is now a safe environment. You’ll also have an extended life of all your appliances, and you can expect an all-around bake from your oven. Maintaining the value of your home with an updated service on your electrical panel gives buyers confidence they’re making a great investment.

Don’t wait and run the risk of a potential danger because of your circuit breaker—call Reliable Electrical Services today!

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