3 Reasons to Consider Ceiling Fan Installation in Boynton Beach

Posted On: December 24, 2015

Ceiling Fan Installation in Boynton BeachAs experienced electricians, one of the most affordable—yet underrated—home improvements we recommend to homeowners is ceiling fan installation in Boynton Beach. There are three reasons for this:

Reason 1: More Cost-Efficient Climate Control

Let’s face it: summers in Florida can be hot. And though it’s awesome to be able to hang by the pool or take a long, leisurely stroll along the beach, there are many moments when you just want to be able to literally chill out at home and wait until your body temperature returns to something approaching normal. At the same time, winters in Boynton Beach, though not actually cold, can feel chilly, especially with high humidity. And while you can always wear a sweater, it’s much more pleasant to turn on the heating for a while. This is why so many Florida homes have central air systems that can both cool and heat. However, they use a lot of electricity… and that drives up your energy bill.

That’s where a ceiling fan can make a huge difference. Using approximately the same amount of power as a 100-watt light bulb, a ceiling fan redistributes the air faster than your central air system does on its own. This cuts considerably on your cooling and heating costs.

Reason 2: Deter Insects

For many people, insects are one of the most annoying downsides of living in a subtropical area. Mosquitos, gnats, flies, bees—they always find a way to get inside your home, especially when you really don’t want to deal with them. A ceiling fan provides so much air movement that it effectively deters flying bugs. And that means you don’t have to resort to chemical deterrents, which can potentially cause health issues.

Reason 3: Lighting

Many homeowners are foregoing traditional light fixtures and instead, choosing a combination of lighting methods such as recessed lighting and task lighting. However, most ceiling fans come equipped with a light that’s strong enough to illuminate the entire room if necessary, which reduces the need for smaller lights.

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