Boynton Beach Generac Generator Sales and Installation: 20kW Generac Guardian Installed

Posted On: March 14, 2013

20KW Generac Generator Boyton,FLIf you suffer a power outage, you want to be up and running as soon as possible. With a 20kW Generac Guardian generator, you can be back up and running in seconds. As soon as this advanced generator senses an interruption in the power grid it switches from standby status to power your home’s appliances and electronics.

Generac 20kW Guardian Benefits in Boynton Beach

Unique design – The Guardian is part of Generac’s top-quality line of generators, featuring an engine designed specifically for generator use – the only such engine in the injury. This means the 20kW Guardian can go longer between scheduled maintenance than competing models.

Durability – Its durable enclosure helps the Guardian last longer because it is corrosion-resistant. This is critical in an area such as South Florida that has high humidity. Also, the enclosure can stand up to winds as much as 150 mph, so you know your generator will be able to handle just about anything that the elements can dish out. Not only is the enclosure functional, providing durability and protection against rodents, debris and the weather, but it is stylish as well.

Quiet operation – Unlike some generators that are annoyingly loud, the Guardian provides smooth, quiet performance that won’t disturb either you or your neighbors. Many customers have written that they didn’t even know their generator was on until they noticed their alarm clock blinking. So if the power goes out during the night, you will be able to sleep soundly.

Safety – The Guardian comes with an external ground fault circuit interruption (GFCI) outlet that protects you against any unforeseen power surges. It also comes with an external indicator that allows you to easily see the status of your generator without having to open the enclosure.

Generac Guardian 20kW Generator Reviews

Thousands and thousands of customers across the nation trust the Generac Guardian series to provide the peace of mind knowing they can continue to live in comfort even if the utility grid fails. Here are some of the reviews they’ve written as a testament to their satisfaction:

Dave – Long Island, NY: “After last year’s hurricane here on Long Island knocked out power for several days leaving our sump pumps useless, we purchased the 20kW unit…couldn’t have imagined it would be running for 12 days straight less then a year later!”

Chip (Location withheld): “Had the generator installed 3 weeks ago. We lost power around 2:00AM this morning when a band of storms moved in from the southwest. Didn’t know the generator had started until I noticed the clock blinking after the wind woke me. It ran for 9 hours then shifted back to standby mode as the power was restored. I have the only automatic generator in the neighborhood. A great investment and peace of mind!”

Dale – Little Rock, AR: “Within 5 seconds of the power outage, the Generac kicked in and powered our entire house. We didn’t miss a beat…everything ran as though there was not an outage. Unbelievable. The only way we knew the power came back on was the Generac shut off. It runs very quietly so it took diligent listening to even know that it was no longer running.”

When you are ready to make an investment in your safety and peace of mind, give us a call at Reliable Power Systems. Our experts will install your new Generac Guardian 20kW generator quickly and efficiently.