Ask Our Local Electricians in Delray Beach, FL: How Can You Use Your Generator Safely?

Posted On: July 26, 2016

While backup and portable generators are easy to use, it’s important to remember that they’re major pieces of electrical equipment. Anytime you work with electricity, safety should be a top concern. With a team of local electricians in Delray Beach, FL on their side, Reliable Power Systems makes it their mission to not only install and maintain generators, but to help generator owners operate their equipment safely. Severe headaches, electrocution, and fire are all possible consequences of not following these three generator safety guidelines.

Read the Equipment Operator’s Manual

Even if you’re familiar with using a generator, never assume you know enough to not read the equipment operator’s manual. Every model of generator is different, and the manual offers invaluable information on how to operate the machine both efficiently and safely. In its pages, you’ll find information about specific risks as well as important maintenance tasks. Once your new generator is installed by local electricians in Delray Beach, FL, read the manual thoroughly before you flip the switch and get to work.

Beware of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless, extremely poisonous gas. Symptoms of breathing it in include everything from dizziness and nausea to irregular breathing and even death. Generators produce carbon monoxide as part of the engine exhaust, and proper ventilation is needed to ensure the gas doesn’t enter your lungs. Never operate a generator inside or in any enclosed or partially enclosed area. If you experience dizziness, fatigue, or any of the other side effects of carbon monoxide poisoning, immediately turn off the generator, seek fresh air, and call for medical attention.

Be Mindful While Fueling

When refueling your generator, think of the rules you follow when refilling your car’s gas tank. You always turn the engine off, refrain from smoking, and keep your cellphone in your pocket. You do all of those things because gasoline is an extremely flammable liquid, and you should take those same precautions when refueling your generator. You should also store the fuel containers somewhere safe and out of the way and label them clearly.

Reliable Power Systems is a family-owned and operated electrical company with a solid reputation of supplying home and business owners with the best generators on the market. Their generators are extremely useful and also powerful. To learn more about proper generator safety, call Reliable Power Systems to speak with local electricians in Delray Beach, FL.