Advice from an Electrician in Palm Beach Island: Install a Generator Before You Need It

Posted On: July 1, 2015

As your trusted electrician in Palm Beach Island, FL we feel it’s our responsibility to inform you about things that can make your life easier. And one thing that can make any homeowner or business owner’s life easier is a generator.

Why You Absolutely Need a Generator

We’ve all experienced power outages. Sometimes they last a couple of minutes, sometimes they last for hours—and during really bad storms or hurricanes, they can even last for days.

And during that time, your kitchen appliances (including the fridge and freezer) don’t work. Your water heater doesn’t work. Your AC doesn’t work. And any electronic device like a computer, entertainment center or phone that doesn’t have a battery doesn’t work. Plus, those that have batteries only have a limited amount of time before they too run out of juice.

In short: you can’t do anything. You can’t cook; you can’t call anybody on your landline; you can’t enjoy a movie or your favorite music; and you can’t use your computer for work or study. Even worse: without an AC, the temperature in your property can quickly reach unsafe levels. And that can cause heatstroke in both people and animals.

It’s clear that not having power is inconvenient at best and potentially dangerous at worst. But with an automatic backup generator, you never have to worry about power outages. Because as soon as the grid powers down, the generator powers up… and smoothly takes over the task of supplying energy to your home or property! Then when the grid powers back up again, your generator switches back of.

It’s that simple.

Having a Good Electrician is Key

Of course, it’s crucial that your generator is installed by a qualified and experienced electrician—like one of our superstars at Reliable Electrical Services or Reliable Power Systems, our generator division. Just contact us to schedule an appointment to find out how a generator can improve your life. We’ll explain how it works, and of course, we’ll be ready to install your generator quickly and efficiently whenever’s convenient for you.Be smart and don’t wait till the power’s out: call Reliable for generator installation today!