500 Gallon LP Tank Installation in Boynton Beach, FL

propane tank installation

This Type of Fuel Good for Residential Areas and Commercial Properties

This LP tank was installed at a customer’s home for their 20kw Generac generator, along with a cook top line and a backyard BBQ. Because this customer was looking to use the LP tank for a cook top line, backyard BBQ, and to fuel their generator in the event of a power outage, a 500 gallon tank was a great choice.

500 gallon LP tanks can be used for an all-propane home, or homes that require a lot of heat. If you are looking for a propane tank to be installed on your commercial property, these 500 gallon tanks are good for that too. Many restaurants that use propane to cook get a lot of use out of these tanks. Companies that require high amounts of heat to process certain substances – like tar – can also use this type of fuel.

Features of a 500 Gallon LP Tank

  1. It’s an excellent tank for homeowners and families that have higher than average usages.
  2. Though it is considered a 500 gallon tank, it holds about 400 gallons when it’s full.
  3. They typically weigh about 950 pounds.
  4. They can be installed above ground or underground depending on what is most convenient for you.
  5. It has 36,600,000 BTU when full (at 80%).
  6. 500 gallon tanks are available for temporary installations.
  7. If you choose to install it underground, an anode bag is included
  8. For tanks going underground they include high potential magnesium for protection and sand backfill to protect underground coating.
  9. They must be at least ten feet away from the building.
  10. People who own propane tanks have the luxury of picking their own supplier. This means that every time they fill their tank they can get a different price and save money as opposed to already having one set supplier and getting the same rates.

If you have any questions on or are looking into getting an LP tank installed, call Reliable Power Systems today!

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