5 Things to Consider Before an Electrical Upgrade in Boca Raton

Posted On: January 22, 2016

electrical installation in Boca Raton, FLSo you’ve decided to get an electrical upgrade in Boca Raton—congratulations! You’re guaranteeing safer, effective electricity that will also make your home look and feel totally brand new. But before you go ahead with any installation, it’s important to consider what exactly in your home needs to be upgraded and how the upgrade can improve life in your home. All too often, homeowners will make the mistake of just upgrading without seriously considering what they’re installing in their home, leaving them with a purchase they may regret.

Reliable Electrical Services is always ready to provide you with an electrical upgrade in Boca Raton. We offer upgrades on lighting fixtures, fuse boxes, and electrical panels. If you have outdated electrical features, you need to replace them right away or else it could prove to be a huge safety hazard in your home. Our team of electricians can work quickly so you’re replacing the old with the new in time at all. Plus, when you get an upgrade from Reliable, you can always count on us to deliver exemplary service!

What Should You Consider Before Upgrading?

Before you take action and upgrade, here are a few important factors to take into consideration:

  1. Size for Extra Demand: If you’re installing a major electrical appliance in your home, you need to think about the additional electrical power you may need. Ask your local Boca Raton electrician to see if your home’s current electrical system can handle the load. When in doubt, always ask for a second opinion.
  2. Consider Home Needs: Do you live alone or with family? How much power will you need for family rooms, home offices, or home theatres? You need to consider upgrades in terms of your home’s unique specifications.
  3. Find the Correct Wire Size: Electricians will often equip your home with 14-AWG wiring during renovations. However, 12-AWG copper wiring is much more energy-efficient and longer lasting. Plus, it’s cheaper to install!
  4. Consider Replacing Old Fixtures: Many older homes in the Boca Raton area are equipped with older electrical fixtures, such as 60-amp or 100-amp service panels. These service panels cannot keep up with today’s electrical demands, so it may be better to upgrade to 200-amp panels.
  5. Communication Wiring Needs: We all may be using cell phones now, but telephone wiring in your home is still important. Make sure wiring is upgraded to Category 5 to ensure speedier data mission and high-quality service.

Contact Reliable Electrical Services today if you want to consider electrical upgrade in Boca Raton!