5 Common Types of Generator Repair in Boynton Beach

Posted On: March 14, 2016

You’ve invested in a generator to supplement your Boynton Beach home in the event of a power outage. Good for you! Another proactive step to take is to understand the most common types of generator repair to ensure that your generator is always in working order when you need it.

Being aware of these potential repairs ensures that your generator is ready to kick in when you need it most. Here are the five most common generator repair requests we see in Boynton Beach.

  1. Broken or damaged fuel lines. Because your generator is most likely situated on the outside of your home, it’s susceptible to wear and tear from the elements. There’s also the possibility that fuel lines can get clogged if fuel evaporates. You don’t want this fuel leaking around your home and compromising the functionality of your generator.
  2. Too Low Coolant Levels. Internal or external leakage is the most common cause of low generator coolant levels. While regularly checking the coolant levels manually is always a good idea, consider equipping your generator with an alarm that will alert you when the coolant levels fall below acceptable standards.
  3. Too High Fuel Levels. Fortunately, alarms that signal a too-high fuel level in your generator are a governmental regulation. When this alarm lets you know that your fuel levels are too high, you’ll want to call us right away so we can regulate your fuel level and prevent overfilling of your tank.
  4. A Generator That Won’t Stop Running. Following a power outage, your generator might seem to be stuck on – that is, it’s running when you don’t need or want it to run. This wastes power, fuel and coolant and should be checked immediately by a professional. We’ll determine if the timer delay or automatic transfer switch is faulty and make any necessary repairs. Common to older generators, it’s a simple fix for our pro’s.
  5. Breakers That Need Replacing. Does your generator start and run properly without putting out its needed electricity? Count on our trusted professional electricians to replace faulty breakers. Often, administering a thorough, systematic cleaning will solve this problem.

Have your older generator repaired or replaced today – before you need to rely on it. Call the pro’s at Reliable Power Systems today.