48kw Generac Quietsource Generator in Boca Raton

Posted On: December 12, 2013

Always Want to Stay Safe Especially During Hurricane Season

Generators are an excellent source of energy for any home or business when the regular power line has been cut off. Weather can be unpredictable no matter where you may live and outages are likely to occur.

In areas like Florida, hurricane season is from June until November. That means that at any given time during those months the weather can go from good to disastrous. Everyone knows the devastation that hurricanes cause and the amount of money and property people lose during this horrible weather.

One way to stay safer during hurricane season is to install a generator. Just in case disaster strikes at least your home or business you will have power to preserve food, have a source of light, and keep warm or cool until the power has bee restored.

Some outages can last from a few minutes to hours, to days, and even weeks depending upon the severity of the storm. It is always better to have a back up than nothing at all.

Why Should You Install a 48kw Quiestsource Generator?

  1. Excellent for powering up large homes or businesses.
  2. Make virtually no noise at all, it is the equivalent to an idling car.
  3. Runs at 1,800 rpm, proving efficient power, fuel efficient, and prolonging the life of the alternator and engine.
  4. It is and automatic standby generator which means it will turn on almost immediately after an outage.
  5. It will automatically shut off after the regular power is back up and running, leaving you without having to worry about turning it on or off.
  6. Since this unit is properly installed outside it will protect your home or business from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  7. The aluminum structure is excellent for salty and humid climates and protects against rust guaranteeing many years of quality service.
  8. Only periodic maintenance is required, like changing the filter to ensure it is running at its highest potential.

If you have an questions or are considering installing a 48kw Generac Generator in your home please call us at Reliable Power Systems Today to be safe tomorrow!