48kw Generac Quiet Source in Boca Raton — Generator Installation in The Oaks

Posted On: March 6, 2015

Another successful generator installation! The Reliable Power Systems team is excited to have been a part of this job well done: a brand new 48kw Generac Quiet Source in the Oaks, a resort-style community here in our lovely hometown of Boca Raton. What makes this such a great project? This device has all of the following benefits for the homeowners who had it installed:

  • Whole-House Back-Up
  • Automatic Standby Power
  • Quiet, Reliable Power
  • Up-to-Code Installation.

The fact that these homeowners in the Oaks decided to choose Reliable Power Systems means that all of the work was performed 100% according to state regulations and safety codes. Plus, the fact that they’re using a Generac generator product, the most trusted name in American generator manufacturing, means that their standby power is built to last.

Reasons to Get Generator Power

We wanted to also use this blog post to remind the people of Boca Raton and surrounding areas that hurricane season is fast approaching, so if they don’t have generator power in their South Florida home or business they may not be properly prepared for storms. Remember, power outages don’t just mean no lights and no TV — without having trustworthy standby power automatically at your disposal, it’s possible that you could also lose:

  • Temperature Control– It gets hot in the Southern Florida summers, and we know you know we aren’t lying when we say that not having air conditioning during these months could make the days simply unbearable.
  • Security Systems– Without your outdoor security lighting or security passcodes, you may be more vulnerable to break-ins during black-outs.
  • Food Preservation– Tired of wasting food every time the power goes out and you lose the fridge? A generator installation will ensure you never throw away perfectly good groceries again.
  • Aging-in-Place Systems– Does your home have a stair lift or other necessary mobility devices? If you or a loved one rely on these devices, you’ll want to have them

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