48kw GE Commercial Generator Installed in Delray Beach, FL

Posted On: September 10, 2013

No down time to your business with GE Generator

This 120/208V 3-phase GE Generator with two Zenith automatic transfer switches was installed to back up a provisions company’s offices, warehouse, and walk-in coolers. They wanted the generator installed to ensure that there would be no down time to the business if a power outage occurred. The owner also wanted to make sure that his products would not be compromised. While there, we installed a custom engineered concrete slab.

installing Commercial Generator in Delray Beach

Here are some of this model’s features:

  1. An 8-cylinder GM Vortec engine runs at 1,800 rpm, providing powerful and durable service that is also quiet.
  2. It continually monitors your company’s connection to the utility grid and immediately switches to generator power when it detects an outage. When power is restored, it automatically shuts down.
  3. Remote monitoring allows users to check the status of the generator.
  4. It has rust-resistant protection against extreme weather conditions.
  5. The Zenith automatic transfer switch contains timer and voltage/frequency settings that allow for adjustments without having to disconnect, and built-in diagnosis with an LCD display for immediate troubleshooting.

Commercial Generator Installation
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