45kw Kohler Generator Installation in North Palm Beach

Posted On: June 10, 2012

Have your thoughts turned toward hurricane season or are you trying to find a way to avoid the power outages you have experienced during past storms? If so you should consider a standby generator. WhileNorth Palm Beachis a beautiful city that draws thousands of visitors each year, its residents know there is a darker side to the oceans proximity, hurricanes.

We recently installed a 45KW liquid cooled generator inNorth Palm Beach. Our customer was looking for a heavy duty generator with years of useable life. The generator she choose will last her at least 25 years and not only add piece of mind but also value to her home.

The Benefits of a 45KW Kohler Generator

Kohler is a brand name that many homeowners are familiar with. While you may associate the brand name with your bath and other plumbing fixtures, they have been in the generator business since World War I. Their years of experience in making generators has produced reliable, top rated generators for the consumer. Their generators have several benefits:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Powerboost Technology
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Corrosion Proof Enclosures
  • Powerful Vortec 4.3 L, 4-Cycle Engine

Recent Power Outages in North Palm Beach

Just this past November over 1,600 customers were unexpectedly without power after a line went down. A wind storm also caused several hundred customers to lose power earlier this year and another 1,600 were left without power in March. Each of these outages hit the customers unexpectedly and shows that not only hurricanes can cause power loss.

The Department of Energy estimates power outages cost the nation upwards of 80 billion dollars in loss. When your power fails your food, appliance and comfort are at risk. If you have no power, but your home was not severely damaged due to the storms, you may still have to seek alternate shelter. With a generator you will not need to leave your home and can instead stay safe and comfortable while the world outside is in chaos.