3 Major Benefits of Smoke Detection in Delray Beach

Posted On: March 7, 2016

Let me ask you this: What do you think is the best home improvement investment you can make this year?

Nope—it’s not a new kitchen. Or an additional bathroom. Or a Jacuzzi.

It’s smoke detection in Delray Beach.

Why Smoke Detection in Delray Beach Is the Smartest Investment You Can Make This Year

Okay, it might not seem like much. In the ideal scenario, you won’t even know your smoke detectors are there. Yet they can play a lifesaving role in the event of a fire. High quality smoke detectors offer the following benefits:

  1. They improve your chances of surviving a fire by almost 50 percent. Studies show that people whose homes had working fire detectors installed had much higher chances of making it out of a fire alive.
  2. They alert you to the location of the fire. Because you install multiple detectors throughout the home, it’s easy to tell where the fire is according to which detector goes off first.
  3. They alert first responders. When your smoke detectors are integrated with your monitored home security system, first responders are alerted automatically. In contrast, in situations without integrated smoke detection, it can take minutes or even hours for someone to alert your local fire department.

Think about it: simply adding a smoke detector on every floor of your home can significantly improve your and your family’s safety. Plus, it adds a layer of protection to your property—and that can have a huge financial benefit. Homeowners who install approved fire detection systems in their home usually get steep discounts on their home insurance policies.

Rely on Reliable Electrical Service for Smoke Detection In Delray Beach

To find out what type of smoke detection your Delray Beach home needs, contact Reliable Electrical Services. Our team of Master Electricians are always up to speed on the latest in smoke detection technology and can advise you on your best options. Plus, we offer top quality installation at affordable prices. Why put your family and home at more risk than necessary? Call us today!