3 Common Problems with Your Dimmer Switch in Delray Beach, FL

Combination switchUpdating your lights to a dimmer switch is an easy way to upgrade your interior space, but if it doesn’t work properly, all that money and effort will be wasted. Reliable Electrical Services is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. They specialize in helping home owners maintain functionally efficient and safe electrical systems, and dimmer switch installation and repair is a major part of that. Here are three common problems that could be affecting your dimmer switch in Delray Beach, FL.

It’s The Wrong Size

Your dimmer switch is most likely set on a three-way switch that allows the light to be turned on and off by both the dimmer and an additional switch. In order for both switches to work properly, the switch size will need to exceed the maximum wattage of the light fixture you plan on connecting it to. To ensure you’ve installed the correct size, check both the light fixture and the bulb for the maximum wattage. If you plan on connecting multiple fixtures, add up the maximum wattage of each. Then check to make sure your switch is capable of handling that amount of energy.

You’re Using the Wrong Bulbs

For homeowners connecting dimmer switches to previously installed light fixtures, the kind of bulb being used is another common problem. Most dimmer switches are not compatible with fluorescent or energy saving lightbulbs. Unless the packaging specifically states that your dimmer switch may be used with those kinds of bulbs, it’s safe to assume you need to purchase traditional incandescent bulbs. Because this is such an easy fix, it’s one of the first things you should check if your newly installed dimmer switch in Delray Beach, FL isn’t working.

The Current is Interrupted

Dimmer switches work by regulating the electrical current powering the light fixture so rapidly that the human eye can’t detect that the light is actually flickering, not dimming. When that current is interrupted, the filament within the bulb vibrates and produces a buzzing or humming sound. If this is happening to your dimmer switch, first try changing the bulb. If that doesn’t work, decrease the amount of wattage connected to the switch or replace the dimmer switch altogether.

Personalizing your interior lighting is a great way to compliment your décor and give your home a cozy, warm ambience. But like any other home upgrade, you’ll need a professional service to get the job done right. Contact Reliable Electrical Services today to find out what’s wrong with your dimmer switch in Delray Beach, FL.

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