22kw Generac Generator Installation for Valencia Cove in Boynton Beach, FL

Posted On: November 24, 2015

Congratulations to the new owners of high quality back-up generator power: the homeowners of Valencia Cove, a community in Boyton Beach!

The Reliable Power Systems experts recently installed a 22kw Generac generator system for this residence, ensuring they’ll have safe and consistent power straight through to the end of this hurricane season and the next.

Homeowners in Southern Florida may know Valencia Cove for its fabulous design and premier location in the heart of Boynton Beach – but what they may not know is that Valencia needs to be particularly aware of storm activity. Coastline communities maintain a luxury lifestyle by investing in convenience and security – that means never losing the lights, even when the rest of Boynton Beach has a black-out.

So how is the 22kw Generac system going to guarantee safe and reliable standby power? In this article, we’ll describe the features our Valencia Cove customers will enjoy.

Why Choose the 22kw Generac Standby Generator?

Every successful generator installation starts with a quote from licensed & local generator specialists. The Reliable Power System professionals have been serving homeowners in Boynton Beach for over a decade – our company just recently celebrated its 13th year of delivering local generator service – and our commitment to quality has its own reputation. Our clients choose us because they do their research!

Speaking of research, what made our generator experts suggest the 22kw Generac?

  • Brand Quality – Generac has been making quality products for decades, and we’ve trusted their company for hundreds of installations without fail. Their models achieve durability, affordability, and efficiency in a wide variety of options. In the hands of a qualified specialist, you can’t go wrong with this brand.
  • Sizing – What size generator will fit your home? This is one of the questions covered during our in-home consultation, which you can schedule online or over the phone. We chose the 22kw for our Valencia Cove clients because the condominium is relatively small – this decision allowed the homeowners to save money while still getting the protection they need.
  • Features – The generator we installed is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment. Its automatic liquid-cooling system and natural gas fuel source make for a safer and more efficient source of back-up power.

Looking for a generator installation in Valencia Cove or in Boynton Beach? Trust the professionals at Reliable Power Services today!