Benefits of a 20KW Generac Generator in Palm Beach Gardens

Posted On: June 1, 2012

If you are looking for an affordable and space conscience generator the 20KW Generac Guardian generator may be the right product for you. Our 20KW generators are by far the most popular generators that we install. They work great for small to medium homes and take up little space outside your home. Each of the generators are installed permanently on your property and tied into all of your existing electrical wiring.

While 20KW generator may seem small, it is powerful enough to power most medium sized homes. The 20KW Generac Guardian Generator is not only able to power your home, but is also equipped with several great features.

  • The quiet test mode allows the weekly tests to be run without disturbing your neighbors.
  • The heavy duty aluminum enclosures will continue to remain looking new even after being exposed to the harsh Florida weather.
  • Nexus controls help your generator run automatically once a week to keep all of the seals and internal components well lubricated.
  • The Generac OVHI engine is one of the only engines manufactured specifically for use in generators.
  • Overload protection will protect both our appliances and generator as several large appliances try to access the generators power.
  • A battery charger keeps your generator ready to go into service at any time.

Recent Power Outages in Palm Beach Gardens

A simple car accident can knock out power to residents for several hours; recently a car hit a power pole resulting in 2,300 customers without power. When the weather turns, a sudden surge from people turning on heaters or air conditioners can also cause power grids to fail. 2,500 customers were in an ever worse position when their desire to have heat during a cold snap ended up with them having no power at all.

Don’t get caught in a power outage, call Reliable Power Systems, Inc. today.