20KW Generac Generator Installation in West Boynton Beach

Posted On: June 22, 2012

If you have lived in West Boynton Beach for a long time or even if you have just moved to the lovely state of Florida, you are likely aware of a small disadvantage the Sunshine State has, Hurricanes. When a hurricane starts brewing in the Atlantic, people tend to go a little nuts. The hardware stores are packed with those looking for water, batteries and other essentials to get them through several days or weeks of power loss. You don’t need to be one of these people who wait until the eye of the storm is on its way to be prepared. Reliable Power Systems, Inc. can help you keep your family safe and make you prepared for a hurricane by installing a standby generator. We recently installed several 20KW Generators in the Equus neighborhood.

Benefits of 20KW Generac Generator in West Boynton Beach

A 20KW Generac Generator can provide your whole house with power if your utility company cannot supply it to you. A 20KW generator is ideal for medium homes that want to be able to run their air conditioner, keep their food cold, watch T.V. and generally live their lives without interruption.

While the wind may be blowing outside and the rain pouring down, you will be cozy and comfortable as well as the envy of your entire neighborhood. Your Generac 20KW Generator has a long list of benefits.

Its Quiet Test mode lets you run weekly self-tests without disturbing your entire neighborhood.

The 20KW generator is housed in an aluminum enclosure keeping the generator looking good as new even after being exposed to the harsh elements.

Using the only engine made specifically for use in generators, the 20KW Generac Generator uses the Generac OVHI engine; this powerful engine will keep your generator running smoothly for years to come.

In addition to the mechanical features, your Generac 20KW generator is made to be simple and self-sufficient. It is equipped with Nexus controls that automatically run your generator to prevent oil seals from cracking, and to lubricate the system 12 minutes every week. It is also equipped with a circuit breaker to prevent overload and a smart battery charger to keep your system ready to operate as soon as power loss is detected.

Power Outages in West Boynton Beach

While hurricanes may be the thing at the top of your mind when you think of generators, they are not the only cause of power loss. Recently in West Boynton Beach 5,000 power customers were unexpectedly without power for a day due to a failure at the power plant. Just one day of power loss can spoil your food and affect your everyday life.

Call Reliable Power Systems, Inc. today to make sure you are never in the dark during a power outage.