20kw Generac and 500 Gallon LP Tank Installation in Wellington, FL

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Important to Size Propane Tanks Specifically for Your Needs

You probably put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect generator for your home. You did research, determined the size you would need based on how many appliances you want to run, decided what company to go with, and what specific model. The step that follows, though, is a little bit more complicated.

If you are installing a generator in a home that currently does not have one, you will need to have a fuel source installed because how else will you be able to run the system?

To properly operate your generator, the tank you install has to be the right size. One that’s too small won’t have enough fuel for your needs, and one that is too large will lead you to pay more money than necessary.

Generac Guardian Generator Installation in Wellington, FLOur experts at Reliable Power Systems will help you size your propane tank. But, if you want to purchase one on your own, there are a few things you can do to size your tank properly.

How to Size a Propane Tank

  1. Since you already know the size generator you want installed (or already have installed), you now need to find out how much propane the generator uses per hour. Most propane generators come with documents that explain how many gallons it uses per hour to create the amount of electricity it produces. You can also call the manufacturer to get that information.
  2. Next, you have to estimate the amount of electricity you plan on using and how many hours you think you’ll be running the generator. If you only plan on using your generator as a backup power source, the best you can estimate will be a ballpark figure. However, if you think you will be using it more extensively, you should try to determine as accurate a number as possible.
  3. With those two amounts figured out, it’s easy to determine how much fuel you will need. Multiply how much fuel your generator uses per hour by how many hours you plan on using your generator. Example: If you want to power a home for at least 48 hours with a generator that uses 2 gallons of propane per hour, you will need at least 96 gallons. This tells you that you need a tank that’s at least 100 gallons in size.

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