125KW Kohler Generator Installation in Miami Beach

Posted On: June 16, 2012

Living in Miami Beach is more often than not a pleasure. The warm weather, sandy beaches, diverse culture and wonderful food make Miami Beach a place that people flock to for retirement, vacations and establishing a life. However,Florida isn’t always perfect; the same sparkling water that drew many people here can also act as a gateway to devastating storms. Hurricanes are something that any resident of Miami Beach needs to keep in the back of their minds. The winds and rain can damage power lines putting your whole family in the dark for days or even weeks. When your house has no power you can’t complete even the simplest task. SmartMiami Beachhomeowners turn to Reliable Power Systems, Inc. to provide a whole house generator.

We recently installed a 125KW on a large home in Miami Beach. In the end the installation looked more like one for a commercial building rather than a residential home. These homeowners will never have to worry about a power outage again and will be able to power whatever they want regardless of the utility companies aging equipment or bad weather.

Kohler 125KW Generator Benefits for Miami Beach

The 125KW Kohler Generator is one of the workhorses of the generator market. While you may associate Kohler with plumbing fixtures, they have been in the generator market since World War I. One of the best features of these generators is their powerful Vortec 4.3 L, 4-Cycle Engine. It is important to protect your generator from the elements, Kohler offers a choice of a powder coated aluminum enclosures that can withstand 150mph winds and sea spray; it is truly one of the strongest enclosures on the market. Your 125KW generator also has quiet operation that will not disturb you or your neighbors. With Powerboost Technology, you won’t have to worry about running your most power hungry appliances during an outage.

Recent Power Outages in Miami Beach

In 2008 the city of Miami Beach and many others in the state of Florida lost power due to a failure at a substation. This power failure put the entire city in the dark and caused hospitals and other essential businesses to rely on their backup power. If you lived here during that time you probably remember the frustration of suddenly being without power with no warning. Without power, you likely weren’t even to figure out what was going on since computers and other information sources rely on power to operate.

Don’t ever get caught by a power outage again, call Reliable Power Systems, Inc. today.